New Lungs

Well it happened. On the 29th of July at around 1:15am I got the call for lungs. This time it wasn’t a false alarm. It actually happened. I’m now nearly 4 weeks out from the operation and doing quite well considering.

There have been many speed bumps along the way. One which we’re currently dealing with now which is going to require more surgery. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried. The area they’re operating on has a little fluid. Normally they’d take the fluid out with a drain but because there’s such a small amount they need to operate so as not to damage the lungs by poking around trying to get the fluid. The fluid is also infected with a bug my old lungs always had in them. Which is hard to get rid of. So they’re going to get the fluid out and give the area essentially a bleach to hopefully kill any of the bugs.

I’m hoping to hear from the surgeon in the next day or two to find out if he can go ahead and do it. Then they’ll maybe start me on antibiotics to help kill anything remaining. The doctors are saying this can be fairly normal procedure after transplant but it’s still nerve wracking. I just want it to go smoothly. There was even talk of home possibly in the next week or two until this popped up.

I’m trying to think positive but the negatives keep pushing they’re way in. By the sound of everyone talking it does sound pretty straight forward and fixable. It’s just another hurdle thrown in my way which I need to jump over. I just hope these hurdles become less and less soon. It seems to be one good day then a bad day. One after the other. The actual lungs and inside of them are apparently doing great. So that’s good news too. And they seem to be clear so far. So i’m holding on to that positive most times.

In all of this I remember that someone donated these lungs to me. Someone’s family said yes to their loved ones organs being used to save other peoples lives. I will forever be grateful to both the donor and their family. None of this would be possible without them. I couldn’t have lasted much longer on my old lungs. Once I get out of here i’m going to make full use of these lungs. No more calculating how far I have to walk from the car to the shop/house/hospital/park.

This is all standard procedure for the staff, for the most part, yet it still feels alien and scary at times since it’s my first and only go at this. So everything is new. But I will try and remain positive. As the staff keep telling me it’s normal for this to happen after transplant and they’re being more cautious so things don’t progress and they catch it early. Which is obviously a good thing. I’ll just have to get on with it and let them do their thing. Whatever happens happens.

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