Gaming Nemesis


As gamers we’ve all played the hero countless times and defeated many enemies. We’ve gone on adventures to rescue a princess or to save a kingdom. But there’s always one nemesis that the hero has trouble defeating. No matter how many times he gets hit the enemy just laughs in our face. The enemy i’m talking about is that game we struggled to beat back in the day.

We’ve all got that game from childhood which frustrated us to the point of violence and destruction. It followed us into adulthood cruelly taunting us. That game for you may be something another person finds simple and easily beatable but for you it just mocks you with hateful derision. When someone else finds that game easily beatable, well that just makes you feel fine and dandy inside doesn’t it? No! It’s just another form of ridicule the game thrusts upon you.

There’s no escaping the mockery. Everywhere you turn you see this game. Even in the #52GameChallenge, where you thought it would be fun to partake, pokes fun at your failures. Each completed screen is another knife to the heart. Maybe now is the time to show that game you aren’t scared anymore. You won’t run at the first hint of death. You’ll stand your ground until that game is beaten.


That game for me is Fortress of Fear on the original Game Boy. Many sleepless nights were spent with this game as a child. I just couldn’t get past the third level never mind fail at the end. A while back myself and two friends were talking about the game and all three of us tried to beat it and better the others high score. Needless to say I was the only one who couldn’t defeat it. The other two completed it within a couple of days. After weeks of failed attempts the game was quickly torn from my Game Boy and sent sprawling across the room. Luckily my adult self never resorted to the head butts my Game Boy received back in the day, but I was very close on a number of occasions. I haven’t touched it since. I’m getting the itch to try again and finally get the monkey off my back.

What’s your gaming nemesis and do you have the courage to challenge it one final time?


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